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What's On

What's On

Lisbon knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s a saint, a traditional food or its love for art. Join this all year festive spirit, embrace the region culture in the typical festivities and cheer for your favorite athletes in internationally renowned sports competitions. or listen to famous musicians in festivals that attract people from all over the world.


Upcoming Events

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Lisbon Fish & Flavours 2017

The most prestigious chefs reveal their mastery during this leading gastronomic event.

The Faces of Lisbon

A video mapping show will run in a summer celebration where the city of Lisboa reveals some of its stories, people, places and special moments. At Terreiro do Paço.

Extreme Sailing Series - Lisboa

Lisbon will host the famous sailing circuit and has a Portuguese team in the competition. This proof, the tenth, has eight world-class teams.

André Cepeda. After

The artist photographs deserted streets, façades, rustic buildings, monuments, ruins and abandoned objects and materials.

Brunch Electronik

This is an event bringing together music, food and fun for kids, with a careful eye on environmental concerns.

Trienal de Lisboa

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is the biggest event in the field of architecture in the Iberian Peninsula.

Out Jazz Festival

Every weekend from May to September, free jazz concerts at the city's public gardens and landmarks.

Break Down the Walls! Viva Design and the Arts

 Understand, organize, transform, interpret or sublimate the natural world and surrounding reality.