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Social Bodies

Position Entity Member
Chairman Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Dr. Fernando Medina (Presidente)
Deputy Chairman ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal Dr. José Luis Arnaut (Presidente do Conselho de Administração)
Chairman of the Lisboa Convention Hotel Tivoli Dr. Alexandre Maia de Carvalho (Director Geral)
Member of the Board ERT-RL Dr. Vitor Costa (Presidente)
Member of the Board AHP - Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal Dr. Bernardo Trindade (Vice-presidente da Direcção Executiva)
Member of the Board Câmara Municipal de Sintra Dr. Rui Pereira (Vice-presidente)
Member of the Board APAVT - Associação Portuguesa das Agências de Viagens e Turismo Dra. Eduarda Neves (Vice-Presidente)
Member of the Board Câmara Municipal de Cascais Dr. Nuno Piteira Lopes (Vereador)
Member of the Board AHRESP - Associação dos Restaurantes e Similares de Portugal Dr. José Manuel Esteves (Director Geral)
Member of the Board Câmara Municipal de Mafra Dra. Célia Fernandes (Vereadora)
Member of the Board UACS - União das Associações de Comércio e Serviços Dra. Maria Fonseca (Presidente)
Member of the Board NewsMuseum Sr. Luis Paixão Martins (Presidente)
Member of the Board TAP Dr. Abílio Martins (Vice-Presidente de Marketing e Comunicação)
Member of the Board Lisboa FCE Dra. Maria João Rocha de Matos (Directora Geral)
Member of the Board Hotel Marquês de Pombal Dr. José Marto (Administrador)
Member of the Board The Live Company Sr. Álvaro Covões (Director Geral)
Member of the Board EGEAC Dra. Joana Gomes Cardoso (Presidente)
General Meeting
Position Entity Member
Chairman of the General Meeting Committee TopMic Turismo Portugal Comendador Rui Horta (Presidente)
Secretary of the General Meeting Committee MNAA Dr. António Pimentel (Director)
Member of the General Meeting Committee Barraqueiro Transportes Eng.º Martinho Santos Costa (Administrador Delegado)
Audit Board
Position Entity Member
Chairman of the Audit Board Pousada de Lisboa Dr. Luis Castanheira Lopes (Vogal do Conselho de Administração)
Secretary of the Audit Board AVIS Rent-a-Car Dr. Filipe Taveira (Leisure Sales Manager)
Member of the Audit Board Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Dra. Isabel Cruz Almeida (Directora de Serviços)

Advantages for members of Turismo de Lisboa

  1. Actively contribute to the improvement of the tourism product, to the increase and quality of tourist flows and to the effectiveness of tourism promotion.
  2. Participate in a prestigious project alongside public entities, business associations and companies.
  3. Be able to use, as a symbol of credibility, a sign in their establishment and an identification on company materials, attesting to its status as a member of Turismo de Lisboa.
  4. Be included in the promotional materials edited by Turismo de Lisboa – guides, itineraries, manuals, etc. – where only members will be included.
  5. Receive preferred participation in all activities – Fairs, Workshops, Seminars, etc. – in the acquisition of goods, products or services and in advertising inserts in Turismo de Lisboa publications.
  6. Be promoted and recommended by Turismo de Lisboa to members and third parties, including in response to requests for information made at Fairs, Tourism Centres and through other means. Turismo de Lisboa reserves itself the right to analyse the materials provided by the associates to be placed at Centres, in order to avoid any conflict of interests between members and with the Association’s activity.
  7. Enjoy preferred status in the provision of goods or services to the Turismo de Lisboa or in relation to actions in which it participates.
  8. Benefit from discounts of at least 10% on advertising spots in publications, videos, films, CD-ROMs, etc. and in the purchase of merchandising materials sold by Turismo de Lisboa.
  9. Benefit from discounts of up to 50% on the participation in promotional initiatives organised by Turismo de Lisboa, specifically Workshops, Seminars, etc.
  10. Receive commissions higher than 50% compared to non-members in the sale of the Lisboa Card and other products created, managed or participated in by Turismo de Lisboa.
  11. Acquire promotional materials edited by Turismo de Lisboa at cost or free, depending on the type of materials (for non-members, “business prices” will be charged).
  12. Benefit from special conditions in the acquisition of goods or services negotiated by Turismo de Lisboa with other entities.
  13. Receive information at regular intervals, specifically results of statistics and studies prepared or obtained by Turismo de Lisboa.
  14. Enjoy preference in the sponsorship of Turismo de Lisboa events.
  15. Propose programmes, projects or actions to be co-financed by Turismo de Lisboa.
  16. Participate in Joint Promotion Plans, at lower than usual percentage rates.