Fado em Si

Fado in Si is a fado house for those who enjoy fado. Here you can hear great fado voices, so that, even if you do not understand the words, you feel the feeling and feel the fate / fado

The Fado Em Si restaurant is set against the Old Fence, a wall that protected and delimited Lisbon, since the V century, and there you can see the best part of it. Fado Em Si is a house of traditions.

The tradition of well-receiving, which characterizes the Portuguese people, the culinary traditions, and, of course, the Fado that over the past 300 years has made the Portuguese people sing laugh and cry. Here you can see the diversity of this song.

Fate has moments of deep melancholy, in which the feelings are expressed in the voice, and in which it is difficult not to be invaded by feelings of sadness.

But it also has moments of great joy, especially in songs that praise the city of Lisbon, or corresponded love affairs.

Fado is like life, it oscillates between happiness and sadness moments.

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Traditionelle portugiesische Küche
20€ bis 50€
Live Musik