Festival de Sintra

Sintra Festival, a leading event dedicated to classical music, will feature recitals, Choral and Piano recitals as well as Concerts.

Sintra opens the doors of its centuries old palaces and manor houses to celebrate another Sintra Festival. 

The Sintra Festival shares its main theme with all festivals, music seasons and special events throughout the world.

The Sintra Festival pays homage to composers that somehow benefited from their aesthetical influence.

The shows are once again held in the magical setting of Sintra, among palaces and gardens and also in the modern Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre.


Nelson Freire-PIANO; Raphaël Oleg-MAESTRO; Orquestra Gulbenkian
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval | Sintra

07-SET, 18h00  |  Orquestra Académica Filarmónica Portuguesa

12-SET, 21h30  |  Matuttini De' Morte
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval|Sintra

13-SET, 21h30  |  Variações de Goldberg de J.S. Bach
Igreja Paroquial de Belas|Belas

14-SET, 21h30  |  Variações Goldberg De J. S. Bach
Igreja de Montelavar

15-SET, 18h00  |  Women Under Influence
Palácio Nacional de Queluz

15-SET, 21h30  |  Orquestra Jovem de Sopros "Sopros de Sintra"
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval|Sintra

18-SET, 21h30  |  Le Poème Harmonique
Palácio Nacional de Queluz

20-SET, 21h30  |  Anna Fedorova
Palácio Nacional de Queluz

21-SET, 21h30  |  Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval | Sintra

24-SET, 21h30  |  Xinyan Wang
Palácio Nacional de Queluz

25-SET, 21h30  |  De La Musique Avant Tout Chose…
Palácio Nacional de Sintra

27-SET, 21h30  |  Os Músicos do Tejo
Palácio Nacional de Queluz

28-SET, 18h00  |  Mário Laginha Trio & Summer Sunday
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval | Sintra

29-SET, 18h00  |  Cédric Tiberghien
Palácio Nacional de Queluz | Queluz

01-OUT, 21h30  |  Orquestra Chinesa de Macau
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval | Sintra


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  • Mindestalter: 6
  • Nationalpalast von SintraPalácio Nacional de QueluzCentro Cultural Olga Cadaval
  • Ab 06 Sep, 2019 bis 01 Okt, 2019
  • Ab €10 bis €15