Casa Roque Gameiro

Off the beaten track, this is a unique house that shows a different side of the city. Visit one of the exhibitions and let the house cast its spell over you.

The Casa Roque Gameiro is one of the oldest and most picturesque houses to be found in the municipality of Amadora. Turned into a cultural centre, this house designed by the famous Portuguese painter Roque Gameiro who specialised in watercolours, today holds various local exhibitions. The artist was clearly inspired by nationalistic ideals when building the house. It is typically Portuguese, combining the architectural characteristics of various parts of the country. In a style very much in vogue in the late 19th century, the décor includes naturalist, revivalist and folk elements. This dynamic and interesting cultural centre is well worth visiting, in an area that is emerging as representative of alternative culture in present day Lisbon.

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