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Discover all of the city’s museums and monuments. Whether you have a pre-defined list of interests or prefer to go with the flow, here you can check out all the cultural venues and museums in the city, from major icons to the most unexpected of collections. From historic places to the most recent museum and architecture projects, there is much to see in a city which is constantly reinventing itself. From the classic to the contemporary, visual arts to performing arts, listed monuments to new interactive exhibitions, in Lisbon there is always a unique show to see or an impressive monument to visit. And this is the place to find them.

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Travel through time and discover a unique heritage in Portugal.

With a magnificent view over the Tagus, Quinta de Subserra retains the peace and quiet. The Palace halls and the historic garden are available for events.

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This museum aims to study, preserve and disseminate techniques and know-how related to the world of work, as it has changed throughout human history.

The former summer residence of, first, the archbishops and, then, the patriarchs of Lisbon.

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UNESCO World Heritage, a cornerstone of Portuguese identity and an icon of a country historically moulded by its proximity to the ocean and its maritime discoveries of new worlds.