Where to stay in Lisbon? With such a varied selection of places, it’s only normal to ask. With all types of prices, you can find unique and excellent options. Hostels and B&Bs are here to stay; private accommodation is always an option, but the greatest variety and possibilities are provided by hotels. From rooms in historic buildings to the most recent renovation or innovation projects in the city, you’ll find hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. Spend the night in a royal palace, bed down in a historic monument and enjoy some of the best views in Lisbon. After all, in the city of seven hills, there is no lack of places that will charm even the most hardened of travellers. Make your stay in Lisbon truly memorable with the best choice of accommodation.

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SANA Lisboa Hotel has a privileged location and excellent access: you will be near both the business districts and the historic city center.

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With a central location in Lisbon, between Sete Rios and Praça de Espanha and 5 minutes from Marquês de Pombal and Baixa,.

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Strategically located ten minutes from Marquês de Pombal and the Lisbon Baixa area, SANA Metropolitan enjoys excellent access and proximity to the public transport.

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SANA Reno Hotel lies in the centre of Lisbon, near the financial and business areas, cultural and leisure facilities.

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Located right in the heart of Lisboa, near the renowned Parque Eduardo VII, SANA Rex Hotel takes its inspiration from the typically Portuguese spirit.