Bairro em Festa

At Intendente, Anjos, Pena, Arroios Bairro em Festa is an event with a diverse programme and which gives voice to intercultural tradition.

Bairro em Festa 2022 will take place from 20th to 26th June and remains faithful to its purpose: culture as an engine for the development and the social inclusion of this widely diverse territory.

The vertebral column - Almirante Reis Av. - supports the vital organs of this area of the city: the neighbourhoods of Intendente, Anjos, Pena and Arroios.

Several spaces of these neighbourhoods host about 80 initiatives that include concerts, shows and workshops for families, exhibitions, installations, cinema, debates, visits, routes and an art fair, in a programme that a collective of about 25 local entities and almost 200 cultural workers offer to the community.

The events have free entrance and take place in the Barracks of Largo do Cabeço de Bola, Campos dos Mártires da Pátria, Mercado de Culturas (Forno do Tijolo), Praça das Novas Nações, return to Largo do Intendente and arrive for the first time at Jardim Constantino and Almirante Reis Avenue.
As music could not miss, we present, among others, the latest project by Tó Trips, Club Makumba (23rd Jun.), and another unprecedented project where the musician Jon Luz challenges two other renowned musicians to bring to the stage the relations between 'Morna-Cante-Fado' (24th Jun.), in a dialogue of the various intangible musical heritages. Luiz Gabriel Lopes invites some musicians to 'Yemamaya' (25th Jun.) and Heidy presents 'Tantas Coisas' (So Many Things) (26th Jun.)
The first day of the festival coincides with the International Refugee Day and, as such, we could not fail to point out in the programme the work we have been doing with this community. So will it be, on the 20th, with the presentation of the work that a group of Afghan professional musicians have been developing with the composer Rui Rebelo.
BAIRRO EM FESTA is a cultural initiative co-promoted by LARGO Residências, Lisbon City Council, EGEAC and Arroios Parish Council, in partnership with the local net of sociocultural partners around the Almirante Reis Axis (Intendente, Pena, Anjos e Arroios).


Bairro em Festa 
Free entry, with limited capacity
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