Doclisboa '20 – Festival Internacional de Cinema

The 18th edition of Doclisboa takes off on the 22nd October and, this year, the festival presents itself with a new structure of excepcional characteristics.

Doclisboa's 18th edition takes off in 22nd October and presents a programme with an exceptional character as a response to the times we're facing.

The festival will not be structured by usual sections and competitions, instead it will have six distinct moments, each one guided by an idea, and presented throughout six months, until march 2021.

What remains is a diversity of films and a proposal of new ways of thinking and seeing the world. 



From 22nd October to 1st November, at various locations: Culturgest, Cinema São Jorge, Cinemateca Portuguesa and Cinema Ideal. Tickets: general, 4.50 euros. 
This year Doclisboa presents a series of events dedicated to work, which examines the history of cinema and questions the structural models of society.

The films on show raise a number of topical issues, such as the role of women in work, unemployment, precariousness, liberalisation and immigration, to encourage a discussion of labour-related human rights and social issues.

Divided into a number of modules, there is still room for Georgian cinema, with its variety and complexity, with the understanding that the country’s cultural and social diversity have resulted in the creation of cinema that is of great artistic importance.

This 18th edition of the festival will screen works by Mikhail Kalatozov and Serguei Paradjanov and films such as Kote Mikaberidze’s “My Grandmother” (1929) and Giorgi Shengelaia’s “Alaverdoba” (1962).


  • CulturgestCinema IdealCinemateca PortuguesaCinema São Jorge
  • From 22 Oct, 2020 to 10 Mar, 2021From 22 Oct, 2020 to 01 Nov, 2020
  • From €4.5