Festival Big Bang'19

Big Bang promises yet another explosion of music for children, young people and adults alike.

Perfect for those who are “curious of ear and fearless of spirit”, this event has everything, from old music to jazz, through to classical and contemporary music, and even a tour of installations, juggling and an instrument-making workshop.

The many shows on offer include Pan-Pot or Modérément Chantant, by the Collectif Petit Travers (France), Floresta de Sons, by Nuno Cintrão (Portugal), Thelonious, by Zonzo Compagnie and Pneumaphone, by the Logos Foundation (both from Belgium).

11th and 12th October, Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império (tram: 15 | buses: 728, 729).

Tickets: from 2.50 euros.


  • www.ccb.pt
  • Centro Cultural de BelémPraça do Império1449-003Lisboa
  • From 11 Oct, 2019 to 12 Oct, 2019
  • From €2.5