Portuguese Paving Route

Xana (Lisbon, 1959)

Alexandre Barata, his real name, is a visual artist and was also one of the founders of the "Homeostéticos" group. The diversity of his work comprises both painting and sculpture, scenography or performance and installation, among others. With strong chromatic and visual impact, and favouring three-dimensionality and contamination between art forms, his playful and humorous character stands out in his work. Living in Lagos, Algarve, since 1984, he is in charge of programming at the local Cultural Centre. For Expo 98 he created a mixed pavement at Cais Português, where amongst the granite cobblestones one can find abstract figures, waiting to be discovered. These were designed with inspiration from the plan views and front views of the Pavilion of Knowledge, and seem to reinvent pavement games from childhood imagery, applying them to Portuguese paving.