In Odivelas you will find the Mosteiro de Odivelas – Convento de São Dinis, the construction of which began in 1295 on the orders of King Dinis. The story has it that the King made a vow to St Louis after having escaped from an attack by a bear. Originally, the Monastery was purely Gothic in style, but after successive restorations, it has integrated other styles, in particular Manueline in the cloister, Renaissance in the fountain, and Baroque in the chapels, porches and tiles.King Dinis is buried in a fine Gothic tomb in the Monastery.

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The MFA (Armed Forces Movement) command post was the hub of military operations against Portugal’s dictatorship.

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Discover the impressive history of the monastery of Odivelas, or convent of São Dinis, a national monument right on the edges of Lisbon.

Discover this 16th-century church, a bastion of sacred art in Lisbon, with particular mention for the paintings by Pedro Alexandrino in the high chapel.

Come and try to discover the truth hidden in this impressive stone memorial, the Memorial de Odivelas, one of Lisbon’s historical enigmas.

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