Odivelas Memorial

Come and try to discover the truth hidden in this impressive stone memorial, the Memorial de Odivelas, one of Lisbon’s historical enigmas.

Discover one of the oldest enigmas in the region of Lisbon. In the historic part of the city, the Odivelas Memorial – or Cruzeiro de Odivelas – is an arch that may have been built at some time in the 14th century, according to the most plausible theories about its style and significance. But these theories are not certain, since not a written or engraved word exists which could indicate the monument’s purpose. The cross at the top might be in the style of the Order of Avis, but it is most likely just a marker delimiting the jurisdictional area of the convent of Odivelas. The most popular theory, however, is that this Memorial was used to carry the body of King Dinis, who died in Santarém, to the mausoleum at the convent. Try and discover the truth hidden behind this impressive stone memorial.