Alfama, Castelo

The oldest and most traditional neighbourhood in Lisbon, with cobbled lanes and alleys and steep, gruelling inclines, should be discovered little by little, stopping frequently to savour the view, atmosphere and authentic spirit of the oldest side of the capital. Take a deep breath and start to climb the hill that will reveal one of the best views of the city.

There are many ways to get to where old Lisbon is hidden away. Whether you come by boat, metro, bus or even tram, the tangle of streets punctuated by rails below and flower boxes above has to be discovered on foot. How else could you discover Beco do Forno do Sol (answer: in Graça, on the way to Vila Berta) or Cruzes da Sé, to which references exist from 1690? Or even Escadinhas da Saúde or Beco do Quebra-Costas, a street that has existed since 1565?

The cobblestones, testimony to the centuries and centuries of history, also await your footsteps. Enter the Sé (cathedral), dating from 1147, where you can still see the Tesouro (treasury) and the Roman ruins which preceded it. Continue up and don’t forget your camera: from the Miradouro de Santa Luzia you can see the pure essence of Alfama and the splendour of the Tagus, which is particularly impressive on sunny days. Once you’ve recovered your breath totally and let the sweet chords of the Portuguese guitar soothe your soul – it is at the heart of Fado, after all – climb up to the Castelo de São Jorge and visit the City Information Centre.

Only after absorbing every angle of Lisbon and feeling like a true conqueror of the city can you – and should you – go to Portas do Sol and enjoy the outdoor cafés which give the square its name; or climb up to get an even higher and even more special viewpoint. Even if the sun sets, there are countless restaurants and Fado houses where you can recharge your batteries and let the city cast its spell. Come and be won over.

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A ARTE DA TERRA is one of the most original shops in Lisbon. Located in the old stables of Cathedral, you can find a selection of the best of portuguese arts and crafts

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ALFAMA APARTMENT SERVICES, comfortable apartments in the heart of Alfama with stunning views of Tejo.

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The projects Alfama's Nest, Sé Nest and Martim Moniz Nest is a pioneering project in the tourism sector, consists on local accommodation of several apartments of T0, T1 and T2, located in the old quarters of Lisbon.

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Given its outstanding location, a highlight of the Castelo de São Jorge is its many viewpoints affording majestic and unparalleled views of Lisbon.

If you think the Castle of São Jorge is old, wait until you see the objects and remains of the inhabitants of this hill over the more than 25 centuries of settlements.

Discover the special chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde. With a troubled history and impressive artefacts, this chapel is worth getting to know.

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An original, unique and artistic way to get a view of Lisbon. Climb up one of the city’s most iconic streets to discover a place with a special panoramic vista of the city.

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A visit to São Vicente de Fora is a must during your stay in Lisbon. Besides having one of the most important churches in the city, the artworks inside are unique.

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Right in the heart of Alfama, the best Portuguese traditional cooking and with the greatest portuguese Fado voices.

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Traditional Portuguese Cuisine, Concerts and Exhibitions. An irresistible space in the heart of Lisbon, where art and gastronomy meet.

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Get to know Lisboa with our guides in a unforgettable fun and 100% green experience contributing for a Sustainable Tourism!!!

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Fado in Si is a fado house for those who enjoy fado. Here you can hear great fado voices, so that, even if you do not understand the words, you feel the feeling and feel the fate / fado

Already on the urban art itinerary, it captivates all those who see it. The mural “Fado Vadio” is a tribute to fado and one of the areas that most helped to develop it.

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Discover treasures at Lisbon’s most iconic market, the Feira da Ladra, or flea market, where there’s always something original, kitsch or vintage to be found.

Climb up to Graça, with the help of the no. 28, for the Feira de Artesanato Urbano da Graça every last weekend of the month, the extra push you need to face the slopes.

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There, where ‘saudade’ is acclaimed as the soul of a people, lies one of the oldest and most authentic secrets of Lisboa: the Mystery Of Fado…

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Discover one of the best views of Lisbon. Sitting at the top of one of the city’s famous hills, the view lets you write the history of Lisbon through the naked eye.

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A unique spot with an incredible view over Lisbon. Almost mystical in its calmness, this is a perfect place for sitting back and contemplating the city.

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Discover an amazing viewing point that is a sight in itself. As popular for its view as it is for its unique decorative tiles, this is a place not to be missed.

Let the most iconic miradouro in Lisbon cast its spell over you. Earn the right to the best view in the city after tackling the steep climb up to the castle.