Bairro Alto

In some of Lisbon’s oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods, you’ll find a nightlife and festive spirit that you’ll find hard to believe in the centre of the city. The streets fill with people of all ages who come to catch up, have a drink, watch the people passing by and discover all the many new things there are to be found.

There’s little point asking a Lisboeta where the best place is to go out at night. The whole city meets at the centre of its nightlife, where there are places to suit every taste and music for every genre. The more experienced guarantee that Lisbon’s nightlife consists of a steady downhill motion – and the more poetic of them swear that every conversation is spoken in italics. Why? Because it always begins in Bairro Alto with its many and varied bars and restaurants, then heads down to Bica with a glass in hand and always ends in Cais do Sodré, where the most popular nightclubs intermingle with the old sailors’ bars, combining an original mix of cultures and ambiances. Whether you like 80s classics, hard rock or the freshest of musical sounds, you’re bound to find something that’s tailored to suit your tastes.

In the Santos area, which traditionally attracts a younger crowd, the atmosphere is more homogenous and rowdy, and is not recommended for anyone over the age of 25 unless they are hoping to relive the madness of university nights long since passed. During the day, Bairro Alto is home to various alternative shops, from records to art and hairdressers; Cais do Sodré has countless restaurants for a recharge and Santos, Lisbon’s design district, is full of studios and unique shops selling fantastic and irresistible objects. Take a different perspective of Lisbon home with you.

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A night of fados at Adega Machado is a truly artistic experience of the Portuguese Culture in the heart of Bairro Alto (neighborhood): Fado (Lisbon Song) and Gastronomy.

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The restaurant "A Severa" inaugurated in 1955, is in Lisbon located in one of the city´s oldest and most emblematic neighbourhoods, the Bairro Alto.

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Bairro Alto Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Lisbon, is a 5-star boutique hotel in central Lisbon, located in the heart of historic downtown, between Bairro Alto and Chiado districts.

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Café LUSO is world synonym for Fado, song from Lisbon and World Heritage, UNESCO.

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Discover the house and life of the greatest fado singer in history, as well as some of the artworks she was presented with during her career.

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Located in Lisbon in the heart of Bairro Alto just 20 meters from Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, Casinha da Boa Hora is housed in a building with a typical Portuguese and traditional atmosphere.

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The Casinha das Flores is located in Chiado, in the center of the historic city of Lisbon, 200 meters from Bairro Alto.

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Premium accommodations in the heart of historic Lisbon, one step away from the interesting points in the city.

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Discover Lisbon is a tour operator dedicated to walking tours in Lisbon and the surrounding areas, operating since 2015.

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Take one of the most iconic trips in Lisbon on a tram that climbs a few hundred inspiring and very photogenic metres up a steep slope with the Tagus in the background.

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Game Over is an escape room live real game in Lisbon. Challenges that have to be resolved before time runs out. Team Building, anniversary party, bachelor party

Take full benefit of this street market in one of the most select neighbourhoods of Lisbon and find unique and vintage objects at knock-down prices.

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Loreto Underground Gallery | Walking along the streets of Lisbon, it’s hard to imagine what’s below your feet. Discover the underground side to the city in the Loreto galleries.

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If you want to take a real journey back in time while in Lisbon, discover the Museu Geológico in the former convent of Jesus. It’s stood there for over 150 years.

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The Health and Pharmacy Museum proposes an attractive and unusual experience through 5000 years of history of health.

Host'Bell Rooms & Suits - If you want to rest, walk and enjoy Lisbon, it's your place of choice.

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Learn more about the species in the Lisbon botanical and scientific garden. This is the perfect place for a few hours of wandering amid the tranquillity and variety of plants.

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Situated in one of the entrances of Bairro Alto, it features a menu full of Portuguese-inspired delicacies that exalts the palate. more demanding, especially when accompanied by some of the best and rarest Portuguese wines.

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Mano a Mano is home to real Italian cuisine, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere overlooking the city of Lisbon, while making us dream of Italy.

Mercearia do Vinho is a portuguese wine shop located in the heart of Lisbon, you will find wines from all the 14 wine regions.