The Riverside

Lisbon wouldn’t be Lisbon without the River Tagus and the ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships and the sailboats and frigates which cross it every day. There are tourists who have just docked in the port; alfacinhas (locals) doing exercise or out for a walk; and the people coming and going from one side of the river to the other, all making up the many different cities of Lisbon rolled into one.

The Tagus is a constant presence and responsible for the mythical light which illuminates the city and brightens the life of those who live in it. It’s where people go to have a coffee, sunbathe in the outdoor cafés, enjoy a drink, have lunch with a riverside view and, for braver souls, go for a sail.
Water sports are hugely important in the city’s river life: every weekend the river fills with young novice sailors in their Lasers, Optimists and 420s, alongside larger cruising sailboats. It’s true that many sailors prefer the atmosphere aboard to actually hoisting the sails, but on regatta days the Tagus fills with boats of all sizes and styles in a spectacle that is truly unforgettable.

The sea air also inspires all the other sportsmen and women who run, cycle and walk day and night beside the deep waters running into the Atlantic. The Tagus is also host to several major international events, such as the Tall Ships Races – which provides a unique view of the world’s largest sailing ships – and the Volvo Ocean Race – where you can meet the crews and yachts in this impressive round-the-world race.

If you’d like to get a unique view of the city, hire one of the many boats and catamarans to sail along the river, or catch the mythical cacilheiro, the ferry which links Lisbon to Cacilhas. These are special ways to discover Lisbon. And if you bring your trainers, you can walk for miles beside the river in total safety and with an impressive view.

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Le Frique Concept Store, is more than luxury multi-brand store. It´s a lifestyle, sophisticated, offers glamour to Lisbon's and foreigners fashionistas.

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Located in Terreiro do Paço, this interactive technology-based facility relates the main events in the city from past to present.

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Boat trips on the River Tagus ... The best way to see the city of Lisbon, its monuments and history! Fun and Culture aboard the Lisbon ByBoat!!!

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Lisbon River Sights provides a memorable trip on Tagus River. With us, you will experience in a very relaxing way the many attractions the river has to offer while enjoying a taste of some local flavour.

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We invite you to discover a unique perspective of Lisbon, to sail on the Tagus River, to discover and explore the attractions of the City of The Seven Hills.

Begin with brunch and then set off to discover the unique, handmade and vintage items carefully selected to provide a unique and original experience.

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MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is the new cultural centre for Lisbon. It’s a museum where these three areas intertwine within a space of debate, discovery, critical thinking and international dialogue.

A Gallery where Jewellery becomes Art

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Marina Parque das Nações The perfect place to, safely, leave your boat the entire year and to enjoy activities such as Sailing, Canoeing, Windsurfing and bike riding.

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Maritime Museum: A World of Discoveries. A journey through one of the most fascinating aspects of the history of mankind: the maritime adventure.

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From the Market to the Table. It’s at the market, that we decide together what we will have for lunch. We buy all the ingredientes, we’ll cook them and seat at the table enjoying the meal and the company.

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Come and see Money! The Money Museum presents the theme of money, its history and evolution, in Portugal and throughout the world. (Best Museum 2017)

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It is in an elegant and urban-chic atmosphere that Monte Mar Lisboa was created. We brought fresh fish, shellfish and all the traditional Monte Mar Cascais cuisine to the capital.

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One of the most recent monuments in Lisbon is an ode to the history of Portugal. Come and visit it and make your own discoveries.

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Museu Coleção Berardo is the main museum of modern and contemporary art in Portugal. Here, visitors may enjoy works by both contemporary and twentieth-century artists from a range of cultural backgrounds.

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A compelling reference both for Lisbon and Portugal and a European milestone bearing witness to long lasting relationship between Portugal - the first country to reach the East - and the peoples of Asia.

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It has large collection of artillery and war-related pieces

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Visit Lisbon’s Museu das Comunicações, one of its most recent museums which examines how the Portuguese have communicated with each other over the last 5 centuries.

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Discover fascinating singers, sublime guitar players and inspired writers at this great museum celebrating this musical genre, considered intangible cultural heritage.

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The city´s most beautiful sunset | Maximum comfort and bold architecture | An oasis in Parque das Nações | A luxury hotel redefined by contemporary design.