The Arrábida region, 30 minutes from Lisbon, is a surprise to all those who visit. After crossing the Tagus and before reaching the River Sado, the hills, sea and land come together in these three magical and enchanting places where history is written in the stones and the quality of life can be felt in the air.

If you head south out of Lisbon, you don’t have to go far to find three small gems worth discovering with time and leisure. Sesimbra, one of the most popular holiday regions for the Portuguese, has all the hustle and liveliness of a holiday resort. With snack bars and classy restaurants for partying, Sesimbra also offers a lively family environment besides beach and nightlife. Distant from the urban excitement, the imposing Cape Espichel and the legend of Azóia envelop it in a mystical and contemplative atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying the sunset.

And as you approach, you start to see the outline of Palmela and its castle forming, with the form of the hills of the Serra de Arrábida hills in the background. Palmela has plenty of food options which help you to gather your forces to climb up to the castle and visit the old main square, from which smoke signals would be sent to communicate with the castles of São Jorge and Alcácer do Sal. In Setúbal today, the only smoke you see is from the BBQs, grilling fish for the hungry customers who have been on the beach or gone for a walk. Don’t miss the great culinary speciality of the area: fried cuttlefish. It’s ideal as you try to catch a glimpse of the bottlenose dolphins in the River Sado.

In this area, which is perfect for nature tourism thanks to the Sado estuary nature park, you can also combine your passion for golf. Arrábida provides a unique verdant backdrop, with its beaches hidden in the middle of the vegetation, its walking trails and the beautiful town of Azeitão where you can visit the wineries and the famous muscatel producers and try the incomparable tortas which are the delight of the region.

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Pousada de Palmela is a historic luxury hotel located on top of an imposing hill within the walls of Palmela castle, perfect starting point to discover the Arrábida Natural Park.

Located 30 minutes drive from Lisbon city and framed by the Arrábida Natural Park, Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club is a beautifully crafted design by Rocky Roquemore.

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The new accommodation experience in Setúbal combines comfort, design fashion and personalised service. Discover it at RM Guest House The Experience, the starting point to discover Setúbal.

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Experiences to live with family and friends among cellars and vineyards that have been keeping stories for generations. Find us in Palmela, at Casa Mãe da Rota dos Vinhos.

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Dolphin watching in the Setúbal bay, one of the most beautiful bay in the World. The Tróia peninsula, the coast of Arrábida and its beaches, the Fortress of Outão and the Palace of Commenda, are some of the most common passing places.

We are an experienced tourist animation company in the region of Setúbal with boat trips (*dolphins), events, jeep-safari, teambuilding and sightseeing.

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Discover countless species of birds and several dozen dolphins amid marshes, sandbanks, rice paddies and a vast area of woods and reed plantations.

SAL Sistemas de Ar Livre is a Tourist Entertainment Company and Tour Operator specialized in Walking Tours, River and Coastal Cruises, Environmental Education, Training, Motivation, Outdoor Entertainment and Event Organization.

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Located on the beachfront, the SANA Sesimbra Hotel is so close to the sea that it won't take you more than 30 seconds to reach the waves of the Califórnia Beach.

This triple-nave Gothic-style church contains the tomb of Jorge, the last Master of the Order of Santiago.

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Located in the centre of Sesimbra Bay, Santiago Fort was part of the line of defences protecting the entrances to the Douro, Tejo and Sado rivers.

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Come and visit Sesimbra and discover there’s more to visit than just the beach. Sesimbra Castle is an imposing and intriguing place that you’ll love discovering.

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Sesimbra Hotel & SPA, a panoramic hotel with prevailing view over the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys a privileged location on the beachfront of Sesimbra.

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We are specialized in Private Boat Trips, Dolphin Watching, Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Sunset Party, Corporate Events, Boat rental without crew and Jetski rental.

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This museum’s collections offer an intriguing mix of art, history, archaeology and numismatics.

Come and see this intriguing and original Baroque monument at Cape Espichel, on an essential tour of the outskirts of Lisbon.

This 16th Century church is lined with 18th Century Baroque tile panels depicting the life of St. Peter.

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This museum aims to study, preserve and disseminate techniques and know-how related to the world of work, as it has changed throughout human history.

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