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The portal is administered by Lismarketing, and aims to provide information and suggestions of routes for users who wish to know and / or visit Lisbon.

But before any consultation with the Portal, to be read the terms and conditions of use of it. The stay in the portal demonstrates the acceptance of its terms and conditions, so it does not agree with them must cease immediately navigation.

The Lismarketing reserves the right at any time change the terms and conditions of use of the portal and, thus, where access to the portal, ask first of these terms and conditions.

Additional information may be obtained from Lismarketing by functionality 'Contacts' menu available on the Portal.

Proprietary Rights

All contents of the Portal, including the texts, photographs, images, illustrations, trademarks and advertising, are protected by Copyright and Related Rights, can not be used outside of the portal without the prior written consent of Lismarketing.

Notwithstanding the above, you may download or copy the contents of the portal strictly for personal use. It is expressly forbidden to use the Portal for any illegal purposes or for purposes that might be considered unworthy of the image of Lismarketing.

The theft, counterfeiting, use of counterfeit or usurped content, identifying unlawful and unfair competition are criminally punishable.

The Lismarketing reserves the right to act against the perpetrators of any copying, reproduction or other unauthorized use of the contents of the Portal by others.

Exclusion of Liability

The Lismarketing will make every effort to ensure that the information and facts contained in the Portal are available from among the best and most relevant. However, the Lismarketing gives no warranty, express or implied, that the information of the portal is always updated and accurate, not assuming any responsibility for the consequences, direct and / or indirect, arising from the use of information.

The information of the portal is sometimes linked to external sites over which the Lismarketing not have any control and for which no responsibility.

The Lismarketing thanks to inform the user when the Portal is incorrect, so that they can be corrected.

Interpretation and Jurisdiction

The interpretation of these terms and conditions of use and the resolution of any disputes arising under the Portal are governed exclusively by law and the Portuguese courts.


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