Walk 'N' Roll

WALK 'N' ROLL offers German walking tours and excursions in and around Lisbon. Tours can be booked as a private experience or in a group with a maximum of 10 participants.

WALK 'N' ROLL is a great choice for walking tours in German. Part of the small business concept is that the atmosphere stays personal on all tours. The number of participants for mixed groups is limited to 10 participants, so you can discover the hidden gems of Lisbon! Private tours are also possible on request.

As a group experience, you can choose between a classic walking tour (2 or 3,5 hours) and a food tour with Portuguese Petiscos (not tapas!), Street Art and Fado.

For private groups, WALK 'N' ROLL also offers more experiences such as a bike ride from Lisbon to the beach and hikes in Lisbon and Sintra.

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