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Route de l'Art urbain

Tribute to Amália Rodrigues, by Odeith

Point d'Intérêt

Where: Rua António Duarte Caneças, Amadora

Coordinates: 38.758562, -9.220537

How to get there:

Subway (blue line) - Amadora Este.

Kruella D’Enfer and The Arts

Point d'Intérêt

Where: Recreios da Amadora, Avenida Santos Mattos, 2

Coordinates: 38º 45′ 30″ N 09º 14′ 07″ W

How to get there:

Bus (106, 113, 163);

Train (Sintra - Oriente, Sintra - Alverca, Rossio - Mira Sintra - Meleças);

Subway (blue line).

APAURB (Portuguese Association of Urban Art) and Tribute to Amadora Bd

Point d'Intérêt

Where: Rua Gonçalves Ramos 79

Coordinates: 38.755488, -9.237827

How to get there:

Bus (106, 113, 163);

Train (Sintra - Oriente, Sintra - Alverca, Rossio - Mira Sintra - Meleças);

Subway (blue line).

Project “Scratching the Surface” / Sobe e Desce (Up and Down), by Vhils

Point d'Intérêt


Where: Avenida da CUF | Rua Industrial Alfredo da Silva, Barreiro Coordinates: 38.661069, -9.078129

How to get there:

Bus (410, 302);

Train (Praias do Sado - Barreiro);

Boat (Terreiro do Paço - Barreiro).

Mi Madre (My Mother), by Cix (Mugre Crew)

Point d'Intérêt

MI MADRE (MY MOTHER), by CIX (Mugre Crew)

Where: Bairro de Marvila

How to get there:

Bus (718, 749, 755, 793);

Train (Azambuja - Santa Apolónia, Sintra - Oriente);

Subway (red line).