Smartbus - Mobility Solutions

SmartBus provides a wide range of mobility solutions including Urban Mobility, Transfers, Tours, VIP, Luggage Transfers & Storage, Reduced Mobility & Kids Transportation.

SmartBus specialises in the transport of passengers and the provision of several related services. We are proud to enjoy distinguished trust and notoriety in our market, we have earned it over the transportation of more than 1,200,0000 passengers over our more than 15 years of operation in this sector.

With a current fleet of approximately 50 vehicles of varying capacities and configurations, specialized and adapted to each of our service areas, SmartBus provides a wide range of offers within our sector.

From our most established and ubiquitous services like School and Special Needs Transport to the more niche and diverse offers in Tourism, and Urban Transport, all the way to our Airport transfer, VIP, Tour and Luggage Transport services.

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