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Why would the Portuguese do something as unusual as to travel to the ends of the earth to catch this everyday food? Why would countless generations of Portuguese risk and lose their lives in the world’s most inhospitable seas so that they can make a traditional fish of bacalhau? The fish from distant Newfoundland and Greenland has been part of our cuisine, and our folk culture...

Open daily from 10am -8pm

Last admission - 7.30pm

This tour is dedicated to travellers who love the outdoors and one of the greatest treasures in Portugal: its gastronomy.

We start this day by travelling with our Cool guide towards the Alentejo, a superior wine making region that’s garnered worldwide praise for its wines. During...


Up to 2 people

This walking tour combines two things that define the city of Lisbon: traditional food and Fado music. It is more than just a genre, it is a way of feeling and the sung expression of the Portuguese soul.

We will pass...

Fridays and Sundays

7 to 9.30 pm

Min. up to 2 people

Lisbon is known as the ‘City of the 7 Hills’ so the best way to see its landscape is from a higher ground. In this tour we get to see the city from two outstanding viewpoints, perfect for those who want a different perspective while in Lisbon.

In the morning we get to...

Tue Fri Sun

Min up to 2 people

The Templars had an important role in all of the great epochs and battles of Portugal, from the time of D. Afonso Henriques...

Tue Thu Sat

Min up to 2 people

In this tour, we will visit a deeper Portugal with magnificent vineyards, wheat plains, cork and olive trees, from where famous...

Wed. & Fri.

Min up to 2 people