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If Saturday is the day Lisbon goes to Chiado, Sunday is the day it descends on Lx Factory for the Lx Market.

Things usually begin with brunch or a solid breakfast to give you the energy to peruse this cultural venue that has become essential to the life of the city in recent years.

You’ll find unique, handmade and vintage items carefully selected to provide a unique and original experience befitting of the place.

LX Market gets very busy on sunny days, but there are various places where you can take a pause.

Take the chance to discover the whole LxFactory project and its unique and unforgettable spots.


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Schedule: Every Sunday. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Welcome to Lx Rural!
Lx Rural it's an authentic market that receives farmers from all the country and where they can sell their products directly to the consumers.

Our products are from traditional, sustainable and organic farming. In our stalls you can find freshness, quality and flavour, different kinds of bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, canned food, spices, teas and so on! 

From countryside to the city, this market smells like a vegetable garden!

T: +351 261 317 911