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Peixe em Lisboa 2
Peixe em Lisboa 3
Peixe em Lisboa 3
Peixe em Lisboa 3

Four leading European chefs have already confirmed their attendance.

The World’s Best Female Chef, Ana Ros, from Slovenia was the first to confirm (10th April). Ashley Palmer-Watts (8th April), who has two Michelin stars, and Andrew Wong (11th April), who has one Michelin star are making their way from London; while Anthony Genovese (9th April), who has two Michelin stars, is coming from Rome.

Portuguese chefs who will be there include João Oliveira (5th April) and Tiago Bonito (6th April), both of whom have a Michelin star, and José Avillez, who has two Michelin stars.

Lisbon Fish & Flavours will include debates, cookery sessions in which fish and shellfish specialities will be created, cooking lessons led by TV chefs, young talents and expert-led wine tasting and harmonisation sessions.

The cod fritters competition in on 9th April, then two days later, and because this event is not all about fish, there is the Pastel de Nata competition.

The 11th edition of Lisbon Fish & Flavours will be marked by the venue’s new decoration, as well as by the ability to purchase advance tickets through Ticketline.

• Single - 15 €
Credit for admission of € 15:
Lunch (Monday to Friday) - includes credit of € 12
Lunch (Saturday and Sunday) - includes credit of € 6
Dinner (Monday) - includes credit of € 12
Dinner (Tuesday to Sunday) - includes credit of € 6
• Card Pack 4 + 1 Free - 60 € (includes 5 people, the 5th person has a free card included without credit)

- Mandatory to change the ticket by CARD on the day / place;
- Ticket is payable from 10 years (inclusive), children under 10 years, do not pay, can only enter accompanied by an adult.

- Lunch - from 12 pm to 5 pm
- Dinner (Sunday to Thursday) - from 6 pm to 00 am
- Dinner (Friday and Saturday) - from 6 pm to 01 am


5th (Thursday)
6pm – Restaurants open

6th (Friday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Debate – TV chefs, with Henrique Sá Pessoa, Kiko Martins and Ljubomir Stanisic
7pm – João Oliveira – Restaurante Vista, Portimão (one Michelin star)

7th (Saturday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3:30pm – Vasco Coelho Santos – Restaurante Euskalduna, Porto
6:30pm – Tiago Bonito – Restaurante Largo do Paço (Hotel Casa da Calçada), Amarante (one Michelin star)

8th (Sunday)
12pm – Restaurants open
4pm – Lisbon Bar Show
6:30pm – Ashley Palmer-Watts – Restaurant Dinner, London (two Michelin stars)

9th (Monday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Cod fritters competition
7pm – Anthony Genovese – Restaurante Il Pagliaccio, Rome (two Michelin stars)

10th (Tuesday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Debate – restaurants, agencies, journalists, bloggers and invited guests, including Patrícia Dias (Chef´s Agency), Tiago Pais (freelance journalist), Sancha Trindade (A Cidade na Ponta dos Dedos) and Rui Sanches (Grupo Multifood)
7pm – Ana Ros – Restaurante Hisa Franko, Slovenia (Best Female Chef 2017, on the list “50 Best Restaurants in the World”)

11th (Wednesday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Pastel de Nata competition
7pm – Andrew Wong – A. Wong Restaurant, London (one Michelin star)

12th (Thursday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Gastronomy’s Young Talent
7pm – José Avillez – Restaurante Belcanto, Lisbon (two Michelin stars)

13th (Friday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – Science Alive
7pm – Iván Domínguez – Restaurante Alborada, Coruña (one Michelin star)

14th (Saturday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3:30pm – Diogo Rocha – Restaurante Mesa de Lemos, Silgueiros (Viseu)
6:30pm – Diogo Noronha – Restaurante Pesca, Lisboa

15th (Sunday)
12pm – Restaurants open
3pm – O Carapau do Adeus
Bertílio Gomes – Restaurante Chapitô à Mesa, Lisboa
João Rodrigues – Restaurante Feitoria, Lisboa (one Michelin star)
Pedro Almeida – Restaurante Midori, Hotel Penha Longa, Sintra
5pm – Close