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61st World Press Photo takes place in Hub Criativo do Beato. In 1955 a group of Dutch photographers organized an international contest (“World Press Photo”) to expose their work to a global audience. Since then the contest has grown into the world’s most prestigious photography competition, and through our successful worldwide exhibition program, presents the winning stories to millions of people. For six decades, the World Press Photo Foundation has been working from its home in Amsterdam as a creative, independent, nonprofit organization. In that time, the world has changed continuously, and new developments in the media and technology have transformed journalism and storytelling. Our mission has expanded, and we draw on our experience to guide visual journalists, storytellers, and audiences around the world through this challenging and exciting landscape.
Programação complementar:
28 de Abril
16h Talk – O Olhar do Fotojornalista, com José Carlos Carvalho
17h Workshop - “Como fazer um portefólio” – exercícios com máquinas fotográficas, edição e escolha de fotografias
05 de Maio
16h Talk – Fotografia de Viagem, com Joel Santos (com dicas práticas)
17h - Rally fotográfico com Luís Barra, fotojornalista da VISÃO
12 de Maio
16h Talk - Fotografia em Prol do Bem, com Luis Mileu
17h - Rally fotográfico com Diana Tinoco, fotojornalista da VISÃO
19 de Maio
16h Talk – A arte do retrato com Arlindo Camacho
17h - Rally fotográfico de retrato com Arlindo Camacho