Veltagus - Companhia de Navios Charter

Together with your enterprise or partnership, we organize any type of event aboard our Ships.

Set sail in one of our ships for a cruise along the Tagus or the Portuguese coast in a unique adventure.

After leaving the harbour, time and space become different. To enjoy friends company, to have time for sharing new experiences, to get new emotions, to met new people and to have time for yourself, all this, you can get from this voyage!

On holidays or planning an incentive trip for your co-workers, you can be part of this adventure and participate on the several events and festivals promoted by Veltagus and the portugueses harbours and towns.

Our Internet site contain numerous alternatives that can be purchased online.


 Veleiro / Tall Ship Príncipe Perfeito  200 pax
 Príncipe da Beira  180 pax
 Príncipe do Tejo  200 pax
 Lisboa Vista do Tejo  300 pax









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