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And This is Reality is a daily information site on style and trends in the areas it covers - Fashion, Architecture, Design, Auto, Gadgets, Travel, Music, Cinema, Exhibitions, among others.

Operating on a multi-platform (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter), And This is Reality is a unique national partner for communicating brands and products in the exclusive and attractive LifeStyle market.

With partnerships with brands as diverse as Benetton, Priberam, ModaLisboa, Samsung, Chevrolet or Rock in Rio Lisboa, And This is Reality guarantees its many readers (around 100,000 pageviews/month) news in the areas of Architecture, Interiors, Fashion, Design, Gadgets, Food, Travel, Music, Cinema, Exhibitions/Culture, Hot Spot and Automotive.

"We Blog, You Style!" - It's our communication vision, it's our way of being and it's what we work towards seven days a week! You set the trends and we discover and publicise them.

And This is Reality is already an established project on the Portuguese internet scene.

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