Fat Freddy’s Drop

“Special Edition Part 1”. This is the name of Fat Freddy's Drop fifth album, which is why the band are stopping off in Lisboa.

This concert marks the end of the European tour promoting the album - the follow up to “Based on a True Story” (2005), “Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW” (2009), “Blackbird” (2013) and “Bays” (2015) - which includes the songs “Trickle Down”, “Kamo Kamo” and “114”.

The sound of these New Zealanders, who teamed up in the late 1990s, is the result of a fusion of dub, reggae, soul and jazz, which guarantees an energetic live presence.


Campo Pequeno (Metro: Campo Pequeno).
Tickets: from 22 euros.


  • www.campopequeno.com
  • Mindestalter: 6
  • Campo PequenoCentro de Lazer do Campo Pequeno1000-082Lisboa
  • 05 Jul, 2022
  • Ab €22 bis €34