Tuk Tuk Tejo

Tuk Tuk Tejo is a new form of seeing, feeling and living the city. We offer our clients a fun, eco-friendly and personalized way of getting to know Lisbon.

Why chose a tuk tuk to visit Lisbon?

Because you benefit from a unique, inspiring and enriching experience. We are from Lisbon, live in Lisbon and know our city well. Our guided tours allow you to discover narrow streets, alleys and small squares, sidewalks, stairways and stunning viewpoints.

With Tuk Tuk Tejo you’ll discover a Lisbon you will not find in travel guides, a human and multicultural city full of life. Let yourself be surprised! Experience Lisbon with our passion!

Tuk Tuk Tejo combines the interest of a cultural visit with the fun and comfort aboard a 100% electric, 100% eco-friendly and 200% fun Tuk Tuk!

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