Ângelo Freire | Fado

A Portuguese guitar virtuoso, consensually recognized as one of the most brilliant guitarists and his talent has been successively acclaimed by the public and critics, at home and abroad.

Ângelo Freire is a fado singer, guitarist, composer and producer. On the Portuguese guitar, he has accompanied names such as Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Carlos do Carmo, Carminho, Mariza, Mísia, Mafalda Arnauth and Sara Correia, among many others.

He has also played in the largest venues in the world, such as Olympia, Carnegie Hall, the Barbican Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Sidney Opera House, among others.

At CCB, Ângelo Freire will present his long-awaited debut album as a fado singer and guitarist.


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  • www.ccb.pt
  • Centro Cultural de BelémPraça do Império1449-003Lisboa
  • 24 may, 2024
  • Desde €12.5 a €25