Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo

Diego Baliardo, accompanied by the other founding members, brings to Lisbon and Estoril, on may 26th and 27th, respectively, all the hits of the considered rumba legend since 1979, which with a contagious rhythm make everyone sing and dance.

may 26 • Coliseu dos Recreios
may 27 • Casino Estoril


Do you talk about Gipsy Kings and immediately start humming "Djobi Djoba / Cada día yo te quiero más", "Volaré, oh-oh / Cantaré, oh-oh-oh-oh / Nel blu dipinto di blu/ Felice di stare lassù" or ""Bamboleio bamboleia / porque mi vida yo la prefiero vivir así"? Then you won't want to miss the group's new shows in Portugal this year! 

Formed in the French cities of Arles and Montpellier, the Gipsy Kings have conquered the world, becoming one of the biggest bands of today, with their unique and irresistible sound of traditional flamenco styles, mixed with Western pop and Latin rhythms.

In their history, they carry their gypsy roots with pride, more than 30 years of stage successes, 60 million records sold and a Grammy (best album).

They popularized, worldwide, contagious themes that will remain forever in the repertoire of each show. "Bamboleo", "Djobi Djoba", "Volare", "Baila Me", "Sin Ella", among many others, are some of those that never fail and bring more emotion in their performances, being a guarantee also in these two great concerts.

Come dance, sing and be moved by Gipsy Kings By Diego Baliardo in one of their next amazing performances in Portugal: May 26th at Coliseu dos Recreios and may 27th at Casino Estoril

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  • Coliseu de LisboaCasino Estoril
  • Desde 26 may, 2024 a 27 may, 2024
  • Desde €40 a €80