La Sylphide

A jewel of classical ballet from the Romantic period that, even two centuries after its premiere, continues to tell us stories and make us dream.

Premiered on March 12, 1832 at the Royal Academy of Music in Paris, with choreography by Filippo Taglioni and music by Jean Schneitzhoeffer, La Sylphide gained enormous popularity among the public.

La Sylphide is considered the first romantic ballet in the history of dance. His story precisely expresses the conflicts and concerns of the Romantic period, a period characterized by the intensity of emotions and a strong yearning for a purer and more genuine world.

La Sylphide relates the story of the Scotsman James, who on the morning of his wedding to Effie is awakened by a Sylphide, a winged being to whom he is immediately attracted. Not being able to stop thinking about her, he runs into the forest to try to find her and find a way to make her human, so that they can live happily ever after. But something tragic wiil follow!

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  • Teatro Nacional de São CarlosLargo de São Carlos1200-442Lisboa
  • Desde 06 dic, 2023 a 17 dic, 2023
  • Desde €15 a €35