Rigoletto | Verdi

"Rigoletto" was written more than 165 years ago but remains quite popular with art lovers around the world. And on 9 and 10 June you will be able to be enjoyed, live, in Portugal, at the Casino Estoril and Coliseu dos Recreios, respectively.

With libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and based on the play "Le Roi s'amuse" by the french writer Victor Hugo written in 1832, this work, composed of 3 acts, became one of the most popular works of verdi's entire repertoire, with a masterful score for the baritone, soprano and tenor.

It is a tragic story of jealousy, revenge and sacrifice, which unfolds mostly around the triangle Rigoletto (hunchback and court fool), the Duke of Mantua (gallant aristocrat) and Gilda (daughter of Rigoletto and in love with the Duke), always with the tragic backdrop related to the curse cast by Monterone to Rigoletto and which would come to fruition.

Written by the italian Giuseppe Verdi, with musical direction by Francisco Antonio Moya and artistic direction by Maria José Molina, this is a classic, showy staging, accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Mancha and where the main components of the opera are present and represented in a very perceptible way.  

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  • Coliseu de Lisboa
  • Coliseu de LisboaCasino Estoril
  • Desde 09 jun, 2023 a 10 jun, 2023
  • Desde €40 a €60