Lisbon Dolphins

Our love for dolphins is what drives us. And sharing that love is what we do.

Lisbon Dolphins is a Marine Exploration company that provides guided tours by real Marine Biologists that welcome you in their boat and share their knowledge and deep love for dolphins and other marine specifies. See them out in their natural habitat.

By the end you will be able to identify each and few other curiosities that will impress your loved one back home.

Lisbon Dolphins was the first Marine Tour company to operate out of Lisbon’s harbour and became the preferred choice for people wanting to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

Lead and backed by two distinguished Marine Biologists, Francisco Martinho and Andreia Pereira, Lisbon Dolphins has an average of 98% success rate in dolphins’ sights.

Lisbon Dolphins aims to be become one the best Eco Tours in the world as their objective is to develop a sustainable and low impact business while contributing to Eco Education by providing a real scientific experience in a natural scenario.

Don’t just see, observe. Don’t just learn, explore. 



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