Aida | Verdi

Coliseu dos Recreios and Casino Estoril receive one of the most famous works by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, on 10 and 11 May respectively.

Considered one of the greatest operatic creations of all time, the grand opera "Aida", of four acts and eight scenes, explores the drama of war in life and love, in ancient Egypt, in the time of the pharaohs, when the Egyptians invaded Ethiopia.

A drama of love between an Ethiopian slave named Aida, but of noble origin (and enslaved in the Pharoon kingdom) and an Egyptian general named Radames, commander of the occupying forces of the slave country (Ethiopia).

This is an epic opera, with a large scenic setting, with choirs, ballets, great sets and very long acts.

It has an exotic character, cenically grandiose, and of great effects, full of dramatism and narrative intensity, and of a great modernity in terms of message.

Sung in Italian, with an amazing ending, this is a show that deserves to be enjoyed live, on 10 and 11 May, at the Coliseu dos Recreios and Casino Estoril, respectively.  


  • Coliseu de Lisboa
  • Coliseu de LisboaCasino Estoril
  • À partir 10 mai, 2023 jusqu’à 11 mai, 2023
  • À partir €45 jusqu’à €80