Dance | ‘Mono-no-aware’ is a Japanese expression that translates as ‘pathos of things’ and can be interpreted as ‘an empathy with things’ or ‘a special sensitivity to ephemeral things’.

Thus, different images and poems are brought together on stage, exercising not only memory but also the power of contemplation of the present time.

Using different imagery materials, the artists present themselves as nostalgic bodies that bounce between the past, the present and an idea of the future, raising questions for reflection such as: ‘Are the images that die on stage taken off it?’, or ‘If a body didn’t dissolve, didn’t disappear like fog, would things lose their power to move us?’.

27th April | 9 p.m. 
28th April | 4 p.m. 
Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Av. Professor Egas Moniz, Almada 
(train) Sado line, Pragal station 
(bus) 3003, 3007, 3011, 3013 
Tickets: 10€

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  • Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite
  • À partir 27 avr., 2024 jusqu’à 28 avr., 2024
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