O Feiticeiro de Oz - A family's musical

“The Wizard of Oz”, an adaptation from the original book by L. Frank Baum, with text signed by Ana Saragoça, will be on stage at Teatro Armando Cortez/ Casa do Artista, for a series of presentations with the traditional TIL seal of quality.

This is the story about Dorothy's adventures, when she was a little girl from a rural and inhospitable area in America.

She is caught by a tornado, taking her on a fantastic journey to an unknown, colorful land filled with music and magic.

In this adventure, Dorothy meets new friends which end up by escorting her to the great Oz, the only one who can bring her back home.

Meanwhile, upon this journey, Dorothy and her new friends will discover all the greatest virtues of the heart, intelligence and bravery.

In this play, the interpretation is accompanied by music, dance, as well as plastic arts and audiovisual, elements that add movement and animation to the project.

It will be a time of enchantment and real time suspension that aims to establish a close relationship with the audience, in a shared space for a shared experience.

We propose to remember some important values that this pandemic is testing to the limit: empathy, friendship, companionship, hope and, not to forget, joy of living.


October 29 / 2022 > June 30 / 2023
Tuesday to friday - 11am and 2:30 pm;
Saturday and sunday - 3 pm.


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  • Teatro Armando CortezEstrada da Pontinha, 71600-582Lisboa
  • À partir 29 oct., 2022 jusqu’à 30 juin, 2023
  • À partir €10 jusqu’à €13.5