Piaf! The Show

The show "Piaf! The Show", starring Nathalie Lermitte is touring the world on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of French musical legend Édith Piaf. In Portugal, it will be on stage at Casino Estoril, on December 2nd, followed by Tivoli BBVA, on the 3rd.

"With more than 1000 performances, in more than 50 countries, ""Piaf! The Show"" has captivated more than a million viewers around the world.

Now, the successful show, conceived and directed by the famous director and producer Gil Marsalla, returns to the road and brings to the Portuguese stages ""the most beautiful tribute ever produced about Edith Piaf's career"", as described by her family and friends.

A tribute to the singer also known as ""little sparrow"", made through the interpretation of many songs written for Édith Piaf, or by herself, such as ""La vie en rose"", ""Mon légionnaire"", ""Jezebel"", ""La foule"", ""Hymne à l'amour"", ""Milord"" and ""Non, je ne regrette rien"".

To accompany the themes that will once again enchant the audience, an original scenography and projections of unpublished images of Edith Piaf and the city of Paris, at the time, will impress all those present, for 90 minutes. 

The show premiered in Paris in 2015, in the year of the centenary of the artist's birth, selling out the Palais Brognart, in Paris, and Carnegie Hall, in New York.

This year, it takes the stage at Casino Estoril, on December 2nd and at Tivoli BBVA, the following night, on December 3rd. "

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  • Teatro Tivoli BBVACasino Estoril
  • À partir 02 déc., 2024 jusqu’à 03 déc., 2024