27 Lisboa

From design objects to disruptive art pieces, organic skincare, and children’s accessories.

From design objects to disruptive art pieces, organic skincare, and children’s accessories, 27 Lisboa is a distinctive curation by Kelly Dassault, international photographer and President of Maisons Julien et Kelly Dassault group (MJKD).

The Artistic Director presents her findings for each facet of her life. At work, at home, with friends and family. It is her ecosystem. 

Inspired by Kelly’s sense of style and passion, she promotes clean lines and quiet luxury to highlight the 27 Lisboa selection. Bringing to the heart of Chiado in Lisbon and on 27lisboa.com a compelling collection of well-made and well-designed everyday products. The store has successfully reached most countries around the globe with Arts, Homeware, Personal Care, and Kids’ Essentials. 

Open-minded, wherever Kelly travels, she is willing to make discoveries. Unique artists and entrepreneurs from visited countries find their place in the always-changing boutique. She brings back pieces from Venetian ceramist Alessandro Merlin, vases made by Tim Teven of the Eindhoven Design Academy, tubular furniture by French Axel Chay, or design by Brooklyn-based artist Adam J. Kurtz, who speaks frankly about channeling human emotion. 

27 Lisboa supports great designers, giving them a platform to express themselves, often in places they were not available before. It is a story of people creating and connecting. Kelly’s selection is an ecosystem of carefully chosen decorations and everyday products. 

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