We are an experienced tourist animation company in the region of Setúbal with boat trips (*dolphins), events, jeep-safari, teambuilding and sightseeing.

SadoArrábida is a recent brand created by the tourist entertainment company “A Cabana do Pai do Tomas,” founded in 1999.

Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in nature tourism of Portugal. At the beginning of the 1990s we were pioneers in introducing innovative activities of this model of tourism to our country, leading– among others– off-road tours in the protected areas of the PNA (Nature Park of Arrábida) and RNES (Natural Reserve of the Estuário of Sado).

Nowadays, taking an advantage of our cumulative experience, the scope of our work has broadened, promoting all kinds of events in the fields of entertainment, environmental, cultural and maritime tourism, while always following the best and most in-demand trends.

Imaginative programs or purely for leisure – these are available to the full satisfaction of those who request us.

Customizing our activities and events has been very successful as well.

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