Segway Tejo

What we do every day is reveal to you the true, human Lisbon in a effortless, ecological visit that is filled with wonderous sensations and adrenaline.

Why choose a Segway when visiting Lisbon?

Our tours are private and guided by local guides with the help of áudio guides and will allow you to discover narrow streets, alleys and small squares, enjoy the footpaths and visit the most stunning viewpoints.

We provide a safety helmet and all tours are preceded by an instruction lesson. You will see that moving forward on two wheels is just as natural as walking, with the advantage of overcoming the hills of Lisbon in the twinkling of an eye.

The city is everybody's, the speed is yours. When you get on board of one of our Segways X2, all road, the most inaccessable streets and alleys of the city are within your reach

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