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Get to know the authentic Lisbon. All of our Take Lisboa tours will get you off the beaten track and show you Lisbon as it really is, never ignoring its real essence.

Tourism in Lisbon flourished in the past couple of years and we look at this booming phenomenon as an opportunity but always aware that the city’s authenticity is the reason why people feel compelled to visit us.

Take Lisboa invites everyone that comes to visit to look and feel Lisbon the way we do. Lisbon is over 3.000 years. 3.000 years of stories, culture, legends and traditions. 3.000 years of conquests and defeats, where new worlds were discovered and all kinds of people blended in a melting pot of unparalleled wealth. We at Take Lisboa tours are passionate about the city’s essence and wish not to change it. The real Lisbon is the one that will amaze you.

This is why we invite you to visit Lisbon by the hand of our genuine local guides. Forget the usual touristic tips, Take Lisboa will be your guide in a memorable journey through our streets, spots, sounds and flavours. We will make you feel as a native lisboner.

We want to show you why we’re so proud of our city. It’s Lisbon’s seven hills and it’s narrow streets always in search for the Tagus River. It’s the reflection of light in the traditional pavement and the dazzling secular architecture. It’s the cheerful melancholy of us lisboneers, the welcome naturalness and the farewell struggle.

It’s the Saudade that sticks to you. It’s being overwhelmed with simplicity and an easy going attitude to enjoy life’s little things. It’s the genuineness of a people that recognizes that greatness comes from humility.

Discover the city with true lisboners, the ones that call Lisbon home.

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