Real Sports Bar

Are you passionate about sports and food? Here’s the perfect combination! Real Sports Bar, the new spot in Lisbon to gather friends and enjoy sports!

Are you passionate about sports and food? Here’s the perfect combination!

Real Sports Bar, the new spot in Lisbon to gather friends and enjoy sports!

An amazing spot to see your favorite club in action, or just rock a hamburger and a cold beer. Join the club.

At Real Sports Bar, the passion for sport goes hand in hand with the passion for food. Can there be a more spectacular combination? An amazing place with vintage sports inspired decor, to watch Football, Rugby, Tennis, NFL, AFL, Basketball, NBA, Athletics, Golf, F1…? You name it!

And the menu? We have the classics you already know and the latest trends for those who like new challenges.

TO SMASH THEM: Prego em Bolo do Caco (veal steak in a regional bun), a Veal Burger with cheese and bacon, a Classic Bitoque (veal steak) with egg, a Club Sandwich, or a Special Toast? It’s hard to choose.

FAIRPLAY: And if the idea is to share with friends, even if they are from different clubs, there is Veal Pica Pau, Nachos with guacamole or Cheese Boards.

And the perfect score, you know? Croquettes 4 – 4 Lambretas. A set of four homemade veal croquettes with mustard + four 10 cl draught beer.

OVER TIME: And if there is an extra time, there is also Almond Tart, Chocolate Brownie or Fruit Salad, to finish it all off at the end.

And don’t worry, you won’t get thirsty… There are classic Portuguese beers, craft beers, international beers and special sangrias. For the more conservative, there is a selection of wine, red and rosé whites, sparkling wines and champagne, and a variety of spirit drinks to forget about the result or celebrate big!

Gather your friends, gear up and live an epic sporting experience.

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