Offroad Center Bianchi Prata

Riding with champions! Team Bianchi Prata is the most ambitious motor project ever carried out in Portugal.

Meet Pedro Bianchi Prata 
Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Pedro Bianchi Prata started his sporting career in 1991. In 2000 he started the Bianchi Prata Team and since then the team hasn't stopped growing. At this time, it supports several top riders, where he helped conquer more than 20 national and international titles.

Pedro is an 8 times Enduro and Cross Country national champion, 5 times Baja European champion, 3 times Baja World champion and finished 12 Dakar Rallies. He also represented Portugal and won 10 medals on the World Championships, making Pedro the Portuguese pro rider with the most medals in this championship.

Bianchi Prata Team has riders racing in all styles of dirt riding, in Enduro, Rally, Motocross, Supercross, and Cross-Country. Among many that are part of the team, some riders to highlight are: Pedro Bianchi Prata, Paulo Felícia (European Enduro Champion), Luis Ferreira (Multi-National Champion), Gustavo Gaudêncio (National Champion), Diogo Ventura (Multi-National and European Champion), Helder Rodrigues (Multi-National Champion and World Rally Champion), Paulo Gonçalves (Multi-National Champion and World Rally Champion), Mário Patrão (Multi-National Champion)

Today, Pedro splits his professional activity between managing the Bianchi Prata Team and supporting the team riders as well as giving riding classes, riding workshops, rally navigation courses, expeditions and racing support across Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Marroco.

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