Diogo Piçarra - Sentimental Tour

The multi-platinum-selling artist, author, composer and producer is performing live songs from his latest album “Sentimental”.

Diogo Piçarra performs on stage with his usual trio of musicians: Francisco Aragão on keys and guitar, Filipe Cabeçadas on drums and Miguel Santos on bass.

On stage, the artist promises a futuristic and surprising production and a show with various guests and other surprises.

The new songs are joined by all the hits that have consolidated the musician’s career: “Monarquia”, “Sorriso”, “Tu e Eu”, “Dialeto”, “História”, “Anjos”, “Coração”, “Paraíso”, among others.


April 20th | 9 p.m. 
Sagres Campo Pequeno, Campo Pequeno 
(metro) Campo Pequeno 
(bus) 756 
Tickets: 15 - 35€ 

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