Procession of Saint Anthony

[ 13th June ] The Procession of Saint Anthony, which dates from the 16th century, is now one of the oldest and most popular in the city.

The procession, which begins at the Igreja de Santo António and makes its way through the Alfama quarter, has one unique characteristic: as the procession advances, it also gets larger, as it is joined by the saints of all the churches it passes.

While Saint Anthony is not Lisboa’s patron saint (that honour belongs to Saint Vincent), he is the most beloved by the people of Lisboa who, with visitors to the city, fill the streets on the 13th to follow the procession organised in his honour.

Free entry
13th June, Igreja de Santo António
Trams: 12 and 28 | bus: 737




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  • Igreja de Santo AntónioLargo de Santo António da Sé1100Lisboa
  • 13 giu, 2024
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