AIP - Associação Industrial Portuguesa

The Portuguese Industrial Association projects a vision of the future, associated with projects for change and modernisation, always with the primary aim of boosting the Portuguese business sector.


At the service of Portuguese companies

The Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) is a private, non-profit organisation that has the status of a Collective Person of Public Utility and is also a Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Its national scope makes it the largest multi-sector business association in Portugal. Its primary objective is to contribute to the progress of its member companies and associations in the technical, economic, commercial, associative, cultural and social fields.

In pursuit of these objectives, it aims to defend the interests of Portuguese companies, boost the Portuguese business fabric, contribute to strengthening business associations and provide quality services to companies and members. Today, AIP is an institution that is open to society and actively participates in the country's socio-economic and cultural development.

Its activities include supporting its members, particularly in terms of business competitiveness, defending their legitimate interests and rights, and representing them at local, national and international level. 


To design and implement actions, programmes and projects to improve the competitiveness and management quality of its members and companies in general. 

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