An intelligent, interactive and technically advanced entertainment, dedicated to the stories of Portugal and the world as told by the Media. That is how NewsMuseum, located in the Village of Sintra, defines itself.

Through a highly interactive approach, using the latest technology, NewsMuseum recalls episodes of the History of Portugal and the world through their journalistic coverage and projects the future of Media. Visitors are invited to put on the virtual reality glasses, to explore a giant interactive “tablet,” to read the MFA (Armed Forces Movement) statement into the microphone of the radio booth and to travel through the news of the world with the Pyramid of Babel, among other interactive areas. Visiting this equipment is diving in a Media Age Experience, in which the visitor is encouraged to touch, see, hear and interact with various contents. Over 16 hours of Media content are shown in the 25 thematic areas, which makes NewsMuseum the greatest interactive infotainment in Europe.

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