D. Fernando II e Glória Frigate

The Frigate D. Fernando II e Glória is the last wooden sailing ship of the Portuguese Navy and the last “Nau” of the “Carreira da Índia”, the connection between Portugal and India.

The Frigate D. Fernando II and Gloria was launched in the sea in 1843, being the last ship of the Portuguese Navy exclusively by sail and the last ship of the “Carreira da India” (the maritime connection between Lisbon and Goa, India). Over 33 years, it has traveled more than 100,000 nautical miles, the equivalent of five rounds around the world. Its name is a tribute to the Queen of Portugal, D. Maria II, and her husband, D. Fernando II.

It set out on its maiden voyage in 1845 from Goa to Lisbon, arriving at the Tagus River on the 4th of July. It made its last voyage in 1878, when it turned into the Naval Artillery School until 1938. In 1963, the history of the Frigate was marked by a great fire, which left it almost submerged in the Tagus River until 1992. At that time, it began a huge restoration work, which ended in the opening to the public as a museum at EXPO 98.

Built entirely of wood, it is a unique example in the world. Climb aboard, take a trip through history and feel like a true sailor, facing the sea fearlessly.

Come discover what life in the 14th century aboard was like.

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