Upon Vila

Inspired by the traditional and magnificent country estates of Alcochete, Upon Vila is born, at the gates of Lisbon and where the energy of the city combines with countryside tranquility. Here, time slows down.

Come in, make yourself at home. Meet us. Find yourself here.

Where city meets nature

We believe that harmony happens in the encounter: between urban energy and the serenity of the countryside, between tradition and invention, between sophistication and rusticity. In the materials, tones and textures that meet our culture.

The Upon Vila is born as its meeting point. It was inspired by the estates of Alcochete, where the magnificent gates and ferrets indicated the way to the properties that, regardless of size, welcomed everyone with familiarity. We have collected this essence of country life and the natural and manorial legacy of the village to decorate our rooms, create genuine environments, and prepare special activities.

Whether you are escaping as a couple, sharing with family or on a work retreat, we want you to find the spirit of simplicity and uncomplicated days where time slows down.

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4 étoiles
Vue sur Mer ou Rivière
Piscine extérieure
Chambres avec toilettes privées
Chambres avec télévision